Project Overview

  • Name of Project: Social-housing investment combined with service trade project.
  • Address: Yen Trung Commune, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh Province.
  • Tradenames: Bac Ky Smart Life
  • Project Scale: 2 blocks A&B, 1 basement in block B
  • Total land area: 9.994m2
  • Investor: Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company
  • Building Contractor: 319 Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company
  • Design Consultancy: Ha Noi Development Investment & Consultant for Construction Joint Stock Company.

If you are wondering about buying a low price house in Yen Phong Industrial Park to solve your housing problem, Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong Project may be your perfect solution.

Just from 80 million dong, you can buy a modern apartment with many ultilities at Yen Phong Industrial Park. 30m2 apartment suitable for single people or small families with 01 bedroom, 01 kitchen, 01 toilet. The space is not much, but it is enough for you to have the best experience. Next is a larger apartment, with a total area of 45m2, including 02 bedrooms, 01 kitchen, 01 toilet, suitable for larger families, living space is also much more comfortable and private. Besides, there are integrated public utilities for residents.

In addition, when owning an apartment in Bac Ky Smart Life project, you also receive a lot of attractive incentives from investors, such as package interior design, receiving support up to 70% of the total price of the apartment from Vietcombank, the investor will buy the apartment after at least 3 years of use, …

Low-cost apartments for workers and low-income people in Yen Phong Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh provide people with outstanding living values

Location and Connection

Bac Ky Smart Life Project locates in ideal place, only 200m to Samsung, 800m to 18 highways. Four sides of project are main roads. From here, residents can move to authorities of Yen Phong District easily.

  • In the North, project is next to Ap Don & Yen Lang Villages
  • In the East, project is next to residence, public service and parks
  • In the South, project is next to main road of Industrial Zone.
  • In the West, project is next to residence, service.

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Our products

The project supplies diversity products, which are suitable to every users’ demand.

  • 30m2 apartments2
  • 45m2 apartments2
  • 57m2 apartments2
  • Trade kiosks at first floors


With a view to bring to workers an ideal life, Bac Ky Smart Life is equipped:

  • Specialized Elevator Systems in each block, ensure the convenient movement for residents.
  • Modern Basement at Block B for parking area.
  • Standard Fire Protection System ensures the safety for residents.
  • Public Service at First floor
    • Public living room
    • Kindergarten
    • Gym rooms
    • Sport yard
    • Trade Kiosks sell for living needs
    • Aspecially outside pool only in trade houses, makes the project stand out.


  • Policy 1: Special offers only for workers and low-income people, customers can resell apartments of Bac Ky Smart Life project to investors after 3 years.
  • Policy 2: Buying apartments of Bac Ky Smart Life before 4/2019, customers will receive a smart TV 49’ from investor.
  • Policy 3: Our financial partner – Vietcombank will support customers with loans up to 70% of the total value of apartments in Bac Ky Smart Life project, for up to 15 years.

CONDITIONS AND SCALE OF APPLICATION: According to the Bank’s policies and commitments.

Registration procedure

Social housing is a type of housing built with the purpose of providing affordable houses to a number of priority objects such as workers and low-income people. Social housing always receives many preferential policies from the state and local authorities. Here are the general requirements for buying/renting social-housing:

  1. Application for buying and renting social housing according to Form No. 01 Circulars 20/2016/TT-BXD.
  2. Certification of the object and status of the house.
  3. Proof of Residence Conditions and Social Insurance.
  4. Proof of Financial Conditions.
  5. For students of academy, universities, colleges and vocational training schools; public school for ethnic minority students.
  6. Other related douments.

Customers will be fully supported by the Investor during the process of making and selling social housing.

See or download the detail requirements here.