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Detail plan for The second social-housing handover ceremony of Bac Ky Smart Life


After the first handover ceremony of social-housing and commercial kiosks, the project Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong received the attention and enthusiastic support from workers who have demand to buy houses and businesses household. Bac Ky launched the second social house handover, promising to bring customers useful information, attractive incentives and extremely valuable rewards.

  1. Event information:

After the first social housing handover ceremony of Bac Ky Smart Life project ended successfully, Bac Ky realized the interest from workers and people living in Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province. Specifically, they are more interested in the project, expressing their desire to own a cheap apartment with outstanding quality. 1 month from the first handover ceremony, Bac Ky continues to hold the 2nd social-housing handover ceremony for those who have met the apartment ownership conditions.

The scheduled time for the event is 9am on May 26, 2019, the venue for the ceremony is Sarang restaurant – opposite the project area, ensuring the most convenient for workers and people wishing to buy social housing or commercial kioskt are living in Bac Ninh.

Before and during the ceremony, Bac Ky combined with Hai Phat Land selected a variety of promotional media as the first similar event such as distributing leaflets around the project area, hang banners on the roads leading to the project, loudspeaker announcements at the factory doors, bus areas, living area of workers, areas around the Industrial Park and the project and neighbourhood. Running ads on Facebook, group, forum, website on the Internet. During the handover process, the Distributor continues to show the project videos, project images and sample apartments, livestream on Fanpage in combination with the expert analysis.

The event will take place in a streamlined order including: opening ceremony, guests present at the handover ceremony will be visiting the model apartment, registering information at the Booth of the distribution unit, especially , the handover ceremony has a lucky draw program, extremely attractive gifts, customers who have paid enough deposits will receive the apartment  key, officially becoming the owner. Customers will have the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field of real estate construction, helping customers answer questions quickly and accurately.

  1. The incentives that customers will receive when buying apartments in Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong project:

Customers will receive attractive incentives when buying apartments in Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong:

Specifically, for apartments in Block A, the price of each apartment is only from 240 million VND, meeting all the needs of houses and utilities, giving customers a wonderful experience of living. Not only that, the investor

committed to repurchase the apartment after 3 years if the customer needs to sell, a trust of commitment. Customers will also receive 01 heater when buying or renting an apartment for 1 year. In particular, customers pay the deposit at the ceremony will be discounted 3,000,000 VND/apartment. The wonderful incentives that Bac Ky offers to its customers can see the dedication in service, the desire to bring true value to workers, low-income people and residents living in Bac Ninh.

For commercial area in Block B, customers only need to pay 1.3 billion VND to own a commercial plot to meet their needs. Bac Ky pledged to release 1 year of early payment, in addition, Bac Ky’s financial partner Vietcombank supported customers with loans up to 70% of the total value of the land. With the prime location, the most beautiful area in Yen Phong district, fresh green space, promises to bring customers the great comfort.

At the handover ceremony, Bac Ky held the lucky draw, the prize will be extremely attractive as follows: The first prize includes 01 gold worth 3,500,000 VND, the second prize includes 01 oven worth 2,500,000 VND, The third prize includes 01 microwave oven worth 2,000,000 VND and many other attractive gifts.

Customers participating in the ceremony will have the opportunity to own an ideal apartment, many valuable gifts and consultation from our experienced proffesors at building sector.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly for more detail information:

Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company

Office in Ha Noi: 16th floor in Vinaconex 9 – Pham Hung Street – Nam Tu Liem District – Ha Noi

Hotline 0943.811.833 or Email:

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