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Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong – Home Dream comes true


Understanding the housing needs of workers and low-income people in Yen Phong Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh, Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company has conducted research and started construction of the area. Social housing combines commercial services with a mission to bring quality life to people.

  1. Project Overview:

Bac Ky Smart Life project owns a prime location in the center of the Industrial Park, located at the end of the main road of Yen Phong Industrial Park, next to Samsung Display factory and two villages of Ap Don & Yen Lang. With the central location, it is suitable for the lives of workers, low-income people and individual business households living here.

  1. Detail information:

With a total area of land up to 9,994m2, the investor is Bac Ky Industrial Urban Development Corporation. The project consists of 2 buildings A and B to meet from 3 to 9 floors in each building, 01 parking garage in building B. Especially, the project is constructed, designed and supervised by famous companies in Hanoi ensuring the best quality for users.

736 apartments with diversified designs, land area suitable to all use needs of subjects from single to household. In particular, Bac Ky aims to open a natural light, so each apartment has at least 01 window.

  1. Ultilities:
  • Elavator System in each block, ensuring the convenient movement
  • Modern parking garage in Block B
  • Standard fire-protection system, ensure the maximum security for residents.
  • Public Living room
  • Shopping center
  • F&B
  • Education
  • Culture – Cuisine
  • Medical
  • Public Transport
  1. Planning and Architecture:

Estimating the planning and architecture that Bac Ky studied with the desire to ensure a perfect living space, most convenient for users.

Construction density accounts for only 51%, the remaining 49% is used for public areas, green parks and entertainment areas. Architecture is designed closed, ensuring security for residents. All create the ideal living space for households.

  1. Typical Layout:

Bac Ky offers a variety of grounds from 30m2, 45m2 to 57m2 suitable for many purposes and many objects.

30m2 apartment with 1 bedroom, suitable for single people or new households.

45m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms, the perfect home for households, still ensuring private space.

57m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms, a comfortable living space for households.

  1. Interior design:

Bac Ky offers 3 types of interior design, offering many choices for customers, suitable for all spaces.

  1. Modern style interior design:

Modern style suitable for all housing space, especially small, narrow space. With this style, your house will be arranged in a neat and smart way, making the house become spacious than. Modern style is the optimal solution for your home space, simple, not sophisticated but still bring high artistic efficiency.

  1. Japanese style interior design:

Japanese furniture is minimalist, gentle, with a unique character of the land of cherry blossoms, making the apartment look interesting. A special feature of this design is the Japanese-style bed, which is arranged low and easy to move, suitable for changing living space.

It is the simple but sophisticated features of this architectural style that Japanese furniture style is becoming the most favorite interior trend today.

  1. Santorini style interior design:

Santorini, when mentioned, reminds people of a beautiful white sandy sea. The main color tone for this type of furniture is, therefore, chosen to be blue and white, giving the apartment a fresh and sophisticated feel. Behind the white wall, the green arrays are a philosophy of building wisdom, respecting for harmony between people and nature.

The design packages are researched to suit the space of the apartment, giving customers the best life experience. The Social Housing Project incorporating trade and services invested by Bac Ky focused on building, for a stable life for workers.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly for more detail information:

Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company

Office in Ha Noi: 16th floor in Vinaconex 9 – Pham Hung Street – Nam Tu Liem District – Ha Noi

Hotline 0943.811.833 or Email:



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