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Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company


Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company was founded in 2008 (formerly known as Bac Ky Investment and Construction Limited Liability Company) specializes in the field of Investment and Development of Industrial Urban Areas, carries on the mission to serve welfare, ensure life for workers and low-income people.

  1. Vision and Mission:

Bac Ky develops with the aim of creating real living values for workers, focusing on houses in the low-price segment, meeting the needs of sale and rent, supporting loans up to 70%, extremely convenient for workers and low-income people.

For customers: Our mission is to invest, develop a suitable housing project for workers, “the dreams of settling come true” and bring a full public utilities.

For shareholders and partners: Collaborative cooperation, increasing opportunities and improving investment value is the spirit throughout the mission of Bac Ky.

For employees: Joining in creating a dynamic, creative working environment with solidarity is the strength and appreciation of human values. Ensure collection and development opportunities for employees.

  1. Development Strategy:

Recognizing the goals and directions of development, Bac Ky proposes a development strategy in next 5 – 10 years, orients to build urban chains in large industrial parks of Northern Vietnam. The key business strategy is to focus on affordable housing segment for workers with different living values.

About products: Providing the best quality apartments with low prices, suitable to the economic conditions of the target (workers, people with low incomes)

About investment: Investing in reasonable capital, using modern, quality and safe equipment.

About Finance: Financial support for customers up to 70% of the total value of the apartment, up to 15 years to ensure access to valuable living values.

  1. Social Responsibility:

With the mission of providing housing to meet the needs as well as creating living values for workers and low-income people, Bac Ky carries on itself a great responsibility to help the society stabilize and grow up.

Each employee has the responsibility to contribute to creating the cultural value of the company, ensuring a certain level of development, building a sustainable company.

  1. Partners:

To achieve the best quality projects, Bac Ky cooperates with other construction companies to follow the progress of the projects. Therefore, customers can fully believe in the construction quality and safety of the project.

Construction contractor: 319 Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company

Supervision consultant unit: Ha Noi Construction and Design-consulting Joint Stock Company

Construction design: Ha Noi Development Investment & Consultant for Construction Joint Stock Company.

In addition, Bac Ky cooperates with Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Vietcombank to support customers to borrow money to buy houses with many incentives.

Above are specific information about Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company to help customers gain certain knowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly for more detail information:

Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company

Office in Ha Noi: 16th floor in Vinaconex 9 – Pham Hung Street – Nam Tu Liem District – Ha Noi

Hotline 0943.811.833 or Email:

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