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Housing purchase and sale Policies of Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong Project


Housing purchase and sale Policies of Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong Project

For Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong project of social housing and trade services, customers who buy apartments here will receive a lot of super attractive preferential policies.

  1. Project Overview:

Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company is the contractor of The social housing project, the total land area is up to 9,994m2 with 2 towers A and B, providing up to 736 apartments. The project is under responsibility of 319 Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company, under the supervision of Ha Noi Construction and Design-consulting Joint Stock Company, designed by Ha Noi Development Investment & Consultant for Construction Joint Stock Company.

The apartments are designed suitable for all customers from single to household. Flexible usage, full of natural light.

The area of land is reasonably planned, the construction density accounts for only 51%, the remaining 49% is used for public areas, trees and playing grounds. Besides, there are many utilities that come when customers own apartments in this project of Bac Ky, creating the ideal living space as dreaming.

                                           Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong Project – Home dream comes true

  1. Housing purchase and sale Policies:

Bac Ky meets many attractive and flexible sales policies for customers.

a. Applicable regulations:

Time of application: From the time of opening the apartments to the new policies instead.

Subjects of application: For those who are entitled to use social housing, paying enough deposits according to regulations, they will be allowed to apply the policies of buying social housing with special super attractive incentives.

     b. Incentive Policies:

Firstly is a special incentive policy for customers to resell to investor after 3 years for low-income people and workers. After 3 years of buying a house and using it, if you feels inappropriate, customers can completely sell the apartment to the investor to recover the money. Bac Ky always tries ours best to provide the best service to customers, especially to the life of low-income people and workers.

Bac Ky tries to take quality first, become a trustful company to customers’ life.

     c. Payment Policies:

Customers only need to pay from 72 million dong to 81 million dong for a 30m2 apartment (total value is only from 240 million dong to 270 million dong), 108 million dong to 123 million dong for a 45m2 apartment (total value is only from 360 million dong to 405 million dong). The remaining amount will be paid after the apartment is put into use. With this offer, Bac Ky helps workers and low-income people own a dream home.

Moreover, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Vietcombank is Bac Ky’s financial partner  supports loan up to 70% total value of an apartment, 15 years maximum, payment decreases (including original money and interest) every month from 2.500.000 dong to 950.000 dong.

With special offers that Bac Ky supports, customers can own a dream apartment more easily.


Attractive gifts when buying apartments before April, customers will receive a modern 49 inch Smart TV. Customers who deposit a house before April will receive a new TV installed for their apartment. Bac Ky always creates the best conditions to improve the quality of life for workers.

Stimulus incentives of Bac Ky encourage workers to come closer to their dream of settling down.

                                    Bac Ky Smart Life – Comprehensive solution for your home

The Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong Project is deployed at Yen Phong Industrial Park, Bac Ninh by Bac Ky Development.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly for more detail information:

Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company

Office in Ha Noi: 16th floor in Vinaconex 9 – Pham Hung Street – Nam Tu Liem District – Ha Noi

Hotline 0943.811.833 or Email:

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