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“Spring Dream” event for advertising Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong Project


With the aim of creating a good playground for workers and people living in Yen Phong Industrial Park in the series of “Touching the Dreams” campaigns, promoting for “Bac Ky Smart Life” project, Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company in association with Hexagon held the night of the “Spring Dream” concert with high artistic value.

  1. About Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong:

Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong belongs to Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company is social-housing combining with trade service to supply low-cost apartment for workers. Our mission is to realize the dream of settling for millions of people living in Yen Phong Industrial Park, Bac Ky is constantly developing and changing to bring true values to life. In the series of “Touching the dreams” series, Bac Ky held the night of the “Spring Dream” concert to promote the image of a Bac Ky.

  1. Overview Project “Spring Dream”:

The night concert “Spring Dream” took place on 14/01/2019 in Yen Phong, Bac Ninh with enthusiastic participation, full of more than 7,000 workers and local people. Through the night of this concert, Bac Ky wanted to create a cultural and artistic music program for workers & people living in Yen Phong Industrial Park, and create a brand image of Bac Ky to government, workers and local people. Besides, the desire to convey communication messages and stimulate customers to visit Bac Ky Smart Life project model of the company.

                                             Giant stage serving the “Spring Dream” night concert

  1. Meaningful messages from “Spring Dream” night concert:

Along with the main idea of Bac Ky Smart Life project “Realizing the dream of settling down”, belongs to the series of “Touching dreams” campaign, this promotion event also aims to settle the dream of workers and low-income people. At the same time, the concert chose the Spring – the season of dreams and changes of the earth – as the main music circuit throughout the concert night, Bac Ky wanted to convey the message that Bac Ky Smart Life social housing project will be a huge change in human life.

Therefore, the audiences participated in the night of the concert that was fully lived in the joyful and exciting atmosphere of spring and love.

                                    The concert was supported by many people living in Yen Phong

Understanding the concern about a peaceful home of workers, Bac Ky has made a meaningful project to be able to turn these seemingly impossible dreams into reality. Through the concert program, Bac Ky successfully promoted its brand, and created a good impression in the eyes of the local people. Music material used throughout the program is prioritized with fresh, spring-filled music and a desire for happiness.

With a group of popular guest singers such as Tuan Hung, Min, OPlus, Dinh Manh Ninh and Yen Le stirring up the sea of ​​people, bringing a real feeling of the spring. The night of the concert was a great success in the support of the participants, the image of Bac Ky trying to turn the dreams of millions of people into reality.

                                                          Famous singers attended the concert

  1. Concert process:

With fun and safe criteria, Bac Ky paid great attention to ensuring safety for participants. The stage system is solid, far enough away from the audience’s area, ensuring safety for both artists and viewers. At the same time, bodyguards, nurses, firefighters were densely arranged throughout the process of the “Spring Dream” night music, providing the best experience for everyone to attend.

Besides, the event also held a lucky draw, giving gifts to the audiences, maintaining a lively atmosphere during the concert.

                                          Valuable presents for lucky people attending the concert

Through the “Spring Dream” event in the “Touching the Dreams” campaign, Bac Ky Smart Life Yen Phong project was promoted to numerous workers and local people. At the same time, it created an useful, interesting, healthy playground with high artistic value, helping people relieve stress after months of intense working days.

Bac Ky Smart Life promises to be a good start for your life.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly for more detail information:

Bac Ky Urban Industrial Development Joint Stock Company

Office in Ha Noi: 16th floor in Vinaconex 9 – Pham Hung Street – Nam Tu Liem District – Ha Noi

Hotline 0943.811.833 or Email:

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